Audio Technica shrink flagship CK10 earphones

Earphone choice is one of those deeply personal things – individual mileage when it comes to perceived sound quality and balance is tricky to impossible to measure – so if you've a bit of money to spend on a set of 'phones then it's worth shopping around to find some that suit your tastes.  Audio Technica are hoping that you'll give their new CK10 earphones an audition; the upgrade to the much-loved CK9, thanks to a new stainless steel casing they're even smaller (see a comparison picture after the cut) despite carrying over the old model's features.


Key in terms of sound quality is the dual-armature driver, which splits the sound range to two dedicated sections and as such manages a frequency range of 20Hz to 15,000Hz.  Still, the CK10 set only weighs 4g.

Complete with gold-plated 1.2m cable, the CK10's are on sale in Japan come December 14th for 37,800 Yen ($326).

Audio Technica [via Electronista]