Audi Urban Concept Car Shown Off [Video]

Audi has unveiled an interesting and very sleek new concept car called the Audi Urban Concept. This car is intended to show what the future of small and very fuel-efficient cars for city dwellers might look like. The car is dubbed a 1+1 by Audi and is made to be as lightweight as possible. The lighter a car is, the more performance it offers with less power and the longer the driving distance is since the car runs on batteries. The car was shown off at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

It has the look of small racecar and the car was presented in a Sportback model and a Spyder variant. The car isn't based on any current production model and was designed to show what a lightweight and sporty city car could be in the future. The wheels are not inside the bodywork and are instead out in the open with fenders covering the tires in a fashion that reminds me of an F1 car.

The car has an interesting a slightly odd seating arrangement. I mentioned this car back in August, but Audi has now offered a video of the concept and a lot more photos that do a much better job of showing what the car would look like than the photos we had before that looked hand drawn. The wheels are 21-inch diameter and it has a pair of electric motors that are powered by lithium-ion batteries.