Audi electric car with 280-mile range in the pipeline

Audi has an all-electric car in the pipeline, and it'll offer a range of 280 miles, according to the auto maker's technical development chief Ulrich Hackenberg. The information was provided during the Los Angeles Auto Show, and though there's no information on what kind of car, exactly, the electric offering will be, Hackenberg said it'll be released around 2017. This model is rumored to be able to fit a total of five individuals, and will still have "ample luggage space". Given what has been revealed, it looks like Audi might have a Model S competitor in the works.

Aside from the fact it'll possibly be able to fit "five large people" and that the car will, overall, be large itself, no other details on this model have been provided. This isn't the first time Audi has teased an all-electric offering, of course.

The auto maker abandoned plans for a production model all-electric R8 e-tron back in late 2012, with range concerns being one of the contributing factors for doing so. Technical advancements over the past couple years, however, will have helped eliminate that issue, and consumers are arguably now more willing to embrace electric vehicles than before.

The new all-electric model will no doubt build upon the foundation set by the R8 e-tron, not to mention the earlier A3 e-tron all-electric hatchbacks used under a pilot program. For more Audi news be sure to check out the related tag portal, then hit up the SlashGear Cars Hub!

SOURCE: Autoblog