AUDEO PFE 022 + Mic Earbuds Unboxing and Hands-On

Chris Burns - Dec 22, 2010
AUDEO PFE 022 + Mic Earbuds Unboxing and Hands-On

Woo look what we got in the mail, a nice firey read green and white package from AUDEO containing some brand new PFE 022 + Mic earbuds. This is the set that they say are a perfect fit, have perfect bass, and perfect protection for maximum sound quality even at the lowest volumes! Take a peek as we open the package, the package inside the package, and the box and the taped up plastic container – these buds are seriously more protected from damage than most laptops.

Inside the UPS pack, inside the manilla envelope, aside the fact sheet, inside the box, and beyond the taped plastic package, THERE you will find your very own set of earbuds from AUDEO – the PFE 022 + Mic. Such a tiny little mini set of buds for such a ginormous set of packs. BUT take not that you’ll probably end up buying these in the store in which case the box is probably pretty much the minimum for such a nice pair of audio blasters.

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Aside from the buds, you’ll find a tiny zip plastic package with 6 rubber earbud covers (3 sets) – a set of these will need to be applied to the main earbuds before you jam them in your ears. You’ll see there’s three user guides, each one in a different language, and a single quick-start guide. And that’s about it! Look for a full review of these sassy little buds in about a week and a half (a little further out than normal because of the quickly approaching holidays.) Hooray!

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