AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S III launch also delayed

Strong demand for the Samsung Galaxy S III, and possibly some supply issues having to do with the pebble blue version, is causing delays in launching the device. AT&T is the latest carrier tipped for a delay with launch date extended from tomorrow, June 21, to next week, June 28. It was reported yesterday that T-Mobile was experiencing a similar delay, with a full-fledged launch set for June 27 instead of the originally planned June 21.

AT&T will likely be able to push out the pre-orders just fine, making for a similar two-phase approach that T-Mobile is taking. Early pre-orders will likely ship on time for delivery tomorrow or later this week, but everyone else, including those placing online orders today should expect the ship date to be for next week.

Verizon and the Now Network will also see delays with shipping the Samsung Galaxy S III, although Verizon has only pushed back delivery by one day. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Galaxy S III by checking out our full review.

[via Android Community]