Attrito Clock Poles Bring Clocks to the Future

Evan Selleck - Jun 2, 2010, 12:03 pm CST
Attrito Clock Poles Bring Clocks to the Future

We might not be the biggest fans of traditional time telling, or clocks for that matter, but then again, if you’ve got something like the Attrito, how could you not be? Of course, our tastes for clocks might range on the strange side, or maybe even to the elegant, and that’s why we think the Attrito stands out: it’s the best of both worlds. When’s the last time you saw a clock that was a pole, right?

Attrito means “friction” in Italian, and why were can’t say for sure which part of these clocks necessarily represents “friction,” we’ll go ahead and leave it alone. Besides, we’re not calling it “friction.” Attrito has a ring to it. The designer’s name is Shane Roepe, and he’s successfully made some gorgeous concepts of how he imagines time should be showcased in your home, or office. Attrito consists of two bars, or poles, which hang from the wall parallel to one another. The bar on the left displays the hours, while the one on the right counts the minutes of each hour in increments of five.

You are shown the numbers thanks to laser engraving, which is then highlighted by LED backlighting. There’s an enclosure within the pole that slides up and down, apparently, and as it does it shows you the correct time. We have to wonder if that enclosure sliding up and down makes any sound, or if it might be too loud for normal use in the office. Then again, as attractive as the whole set up is, we could see ourselves working past the kinks. We especially love the blue lights representing the time. Something futuristic about blue lights.

[via Yanko Design]

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