Art. Lebedev Segmentus clock is digital and has hands

In most geek circles the Art. Lebedev Studio is still mostly known for its cool Optimus Maximus keyboard with the OLED key tops. The design studio appears to have a fascination with ancient Rome since most of its product names sound like gladiators to me. Such is the case with the latest concept from the company called the Segmentus, which sounds like something a gladiator slave would be tortured with if they failed to honor the ludus where they train.

Rather than some tool of torment, the Segmentus is a very cool clock that has hands like an analog clock by shows digital-style numbers. The hands move about making numbers that are rather difficult to read to show the time. The second count down with the little hands moving in unison is very cool.

The clock is shown in clear with black hands or a black version with white hands and measures 7.3" x 16.9" x 2.9". I would totally hang this on my office wall even if I would end up watching it instead of working. Still in the concept stage, perhaps we will be able to buy the Segmentus at some point.