AT&T WiFi is now available for iPhone users [update: No, it's not]

[Updated after the cut]

AT&T has started offering free WiFi to its iPhone customers, again! The WiFi service was previously available for iPhone users in on and off fashion. AT&T provides more than 17,000 WiFi hotspots in the country and many of them are in StarBucks locations. While it's great news, it might not be all that to iPhone 3G users that have fast wireless data connectivity already.

Update: AT&T are doing some furious back-pedalling and claiming that the announcement was "posted in error" and that there's no free WiFi coming, at least for the moment.  The page has been taken down and, we assume, the person who "accidentally" published it has been taken away and whipped.

WiFi for the iPhone continues to be AT&T's comedy of errors.