AT&T-spec HTC Legend spotted crossing the FCC

We made no disguise of our lust for the shiny, MacBook-esque loveliness of the HTC Legend when we reviewed it back in March, and so the idea of it crossing over from Europe to the US and Canada tickles us in the very best of places.  The newly published FCC listing may not mention the Legend by name, but some codename and label sleuthing certainly seems to imply that it refers to an HTC Legend with AT&T-friendly 850/1900 WCDMA support.

That would be handy not only for AT&T in the US but Rogers, Bell and Telus in Canada, and we imagine all four carriers would quite like to get their hands on the Android 2.1 smartphone.  Of course, an FCC filing doesn't have anything so useful as a release date attached, but we're crossing our fingers that the US Legend arrives sooner rather than later.

HTC Legend hands-on:

[vms 1715466cd580a448cf82]

[via Engadget]