AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II prematurely confirmed?

AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II has seemingly been prematurely pictured by Samsung Singapore, confirming the incoming dual-core smartphone by showing the carrier-branded version sitting pretty in its desktop docking cradle. The super-popular 1.2GHz dual-core smartphone is yet to make its official debut in the US, though Samsung is expected to offer versions via the main four carriers.

There's some argument, however, over whether the phone in the cradle is, in fact, the AT&T Galaxy S II or just the Infuse 4G. The fact that the buttons match up with the Infuse 4G could be a sign of that, though given the bigger phone is 71mm wide versus the 66mm GSII, it's also possible that it wouldn't actually fit in the cradle itself.

The change in buttons wouldn't be entirely new for Samsung: the company created several versions of the original Galaxy S for the different US carriers, some with a physical home key and others with all touch-sensitive keys. AT&T is yet to comment officially about the handset, so we'll have to wait and see.

[via Android Community]