AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note confirmed early by accessory vendors

The folks at Anymode have just sent out their invites for everyone to come meet them at CES 2012 and in doing so have, we're guessing without the permission of AT&T, confirmed that the carrier will indeed be showing off the Samsung Galaxy Note at the show. While they certainly do appear to be AT&T's official choice for vendor for their upcoming version of the mighty beast of an Android device, such a confirmation before AT&T drops their press release on the subject does not bode well for the folks who probably should have kept the subject under wraps. That said, we look forward to the device coming out next week!

In all likelihood, AT&T will indeed reveal the fact that they're going to be the first to be carrying the monstrous handset here in the USA, and CES 2012 does seem to be the ideal place to do it. We've also seen some rather legit-looking press images of the device complete with AT&T branding already, so it'll come as no gigantic surprise when we see it at the AT&T stand on the floor at CES 2012. We ARE interested in if Anymode will be brining their leopard-skin case over the sea, that'd be great!

As far as what we know about the Galaxy Note thus far: we know one whole heck of a lot. Our man in England mister Chris Davies has already done a full review of the device as it exists internationally. This version will be slightly different from the one that's already out as far as software specs go, but the biggest difference is in the physical nature of the device: there's no gigantic button on the front. Have a look below at Davies' hands-on with the Galaxy Note and prepare yourselves for another iteration in just about 4 or 5 days from now.