AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 appears as first LTE edition in USA

The mid-sized machine known as Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 has made its way to the USA before this week, but never with wireless data abilities beyond Wi-fi. Today AT&T has jumped onboard with the machine, bringing their own 4G LTE network to the 8-inch display-toting tablet with S-Pen technology. Though AT&T hasn't officially stated when they'll be releasing this machine specifically, they have noted that it'll be coming to the network "in the coming weeks."

With the Galaxy Note 8.0, Samsung brings what they've solidified as a design language in the GALAXY S 4 out in tablet form – strange to say since the Note 8.0's original reveal was made several weeks before the smartphone. Here with the Note, users will be working with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, the same as appears in the Wi-fi edition: Exynos from Samsung.

This device isn't made to be winning any processor battles if its benchmark scores hold true – but it is made to take on the tablet segment like a pro. Have a peek at our Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review to see everything you'll need to see of this machine before it appears with the big blue network.

Also note that this machine is ever-so-slightly different from the Wi-fi edition with AT&T-added apps. Inside you'll see data-watching apps and the full collection of Samsung and Google-added apps and features. AT&T also adds 50GB (online storage) boost for those wishing to work with AT&T Locker for cloud storage action.

While the Galaxy Note 8.0 with AT&T has not yet been priced, you can expect it to be no less than the $399.99 MSRP the Wi-fi edition costs right this minute. Sound like a deal to you? Make with the judgement!

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