AT&T Pro2, Warhawk, LG Monaco and Verizon Omnia 2 detailed in Sprint leak

A leaked Sprint spec sheet has delivered the details of a number of so-far unreleased Windows Mobile devices, including the AT&T HTC Touch Pro2, the LG Monaco, HTC Warhawk and Samsung Omnia 2.  While the existence of the four devices was already known, the Sprint document does go into more detail about specifics than earlier information; for instance, that the LG Monaco is now expected to land with Windows Mobile 6.x (likely 6.5) rather than the previously tipped Windows Mobile 7.

The document also confirms that the AT&T HTC Warhawk – aka the HTC Touch Diamond2 – will seemingly keep its VGA front-facing camera for videocalls and arrive with Windows Mobile 6.5, while the carrier's Touch Pro2 will only get Windows Mobile 6.1.  Finally the Verizon Samsung Omnia is confirmed as the 8GB model with the 5-megapixel camera and packing Windows Mobile 6.1.

Of course, some of these details could be wrong – it's unclear whether Sprint collated them from public sources, spec-sheets or somewhere else – and things like Windows Mobile versions could well be changed as release dates get pushed back.  Still, if you're in the market for a touchscreen smartphone running Microsoft's OS, and you can't decide whether you want a hardware QWERTY keyboard or not, there's plenty of choice just around the corner.

[via WMPowerUser]