AT&T Mobile Hotspot plan due Feb 13 as tethering bundle doubles

AT&T has officially confirmed its mobile hotspot plans, with the app debuting for Android smartphones with the launch of the HTC Inspire 4G come February 13. Before then, subscribers to AT&T's existing smartphone tethering plan will be alerted via SMS that they now have 4GB, not 2GB for the same $20 per month.

The new AT&T Mobile Hotspot plan will be available for "select" devices – we're assuming those for whom there's an app available – though the carrier is yet to confirm which exact models.

• Connectivity for multiple wireless devices to AT&T's mobile broadband network

• 2 GB of data usage for $20 a month, bundled with AT&T's Data Pro plan ($25 / 2GB)

• The combined AT&T Data Pro plus AT&T Mobile Hotspot will provide 4GB for $45 per month

• 4GB applies to collective use among all devices

• Overage fee of $10 per gigabyte

[via Android Community]