AT&T LG eXpo pico-projector accessory imminent?

Satsuki Then - Dec 30, 2009
AT&T LG eXpo pico-projector accessory imminent?

Could AT&T be ramping up to begin shipping the pico-projector accessory for the LG eXpo?  The smartphone went on sale December 7th, and is currently sold-out at AT&T’s online store, but buyers have been left waiting for the optional snap-on projector; however at least one reviewer over at Geek Zone has received their sample unit.

That suggests that availability for the accessory is about to change; previously reviewers were only sent the eXpo handset itself.  As for performance, the pico basically reproduces whatever is on the main display of the Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone at 480 x 320 resolution, with LG reckoning you’ll get up to a 66-inch picture out of it.

Portrait/landscape orientation switching is done via the camera button, and focus is controlled manually; it weighs around 50g.  The LG eXpo is $199.99 assuming a new, two-year agreement; the pico-projector module adds another $179 to that.

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