AT&T Launching Its Own Groupon Rival

The daily deals arena is getting crowded as more and more big names in the industry unleash their own Groupon clones. The latest giant to step in the ring is AT&T. The company has just announced that it will be launching a daily deals service under its YellowPages brand. Simply known as YP Deals at the moment, the service has already begun accepting pre-registrations.

YP Deals will roll out initially in Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Los Angeles. Folks that pre-register before May 22nd get a $10 reward towards their first deal purchase. The service is expected to go live in a few more weeks, starting off with email alerts and eventually offering text alerts to mobile phones.

AT&T certainly isn't the only large company hot on the tails of Groupon. The king of social platforms had just rolled out their own deals service last week called Facebook Deals, while the socially struggling search giant had unleashed its own competing service called Google Offers.

[via Mashable]