AT&T HD Voice released with Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The team responsible for letting the world know about HD Voice with AT&T (aka VoLTE) have made a surprisingly simple case of it. They've suggested that upgrading to HD Voice – or High-definition Voice, if you prefer – is like trading your low-def television from the 1980s in for an HD TV from our modern market. You'll never want to go back, they say.

Rolling out HD Voice begins with select markets and smartphones. AT&T suggests that this roll-out won't be all-encompassing. For a new user to work with HD Voice, both the caller and the receiver will need to be in an HD Voice-covered area. Both users will also need HD Voice-compliant phones.

The first phone to work with AT&T HD Voice technology is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Reminding the world that AT&T was the first carrier in the United States to work with Samsung's original Galaxy family of devices, they suggest this week that they'll also be bringing a "key milestone" to the world of smart devices with Samsung once again with VoLTE.

HD Voice from AT&T will begin its rollout in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois. Believe it or not, this technology will not be hitting LA and NYC first – they'll just have to wait!