AT&T Galaxy S III shipping June 21st

Today it's become apparent that not only is the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S III coming soon, it's coming much sooner than expected as well! This version of the Galaxy S III flagship from Samsung will be arriving on or before June 21st for all you pre-order initiators out there. This device has been reviewed in full by Chris Davies here on SlashGear as it was released internationally weeks ago – soon we'll see if the USA-based device will hold up in all aspects of the word "hero".

Those who have order the Galaxy S III already have begun receiving notices from AT&T that their devices will be delivered on the 21st of June at the latest. This is quite early as the suspected date for delivery for other carriers has thus far been July or later. What we're looking at here is a case of Samsung coming of age as it were, bringing the device to the market as fast as they possibly can after its initial announcement.

This device will also be arriving at T-Mobile on the 21st of June according to sources speaking with Android Community, and Verizon as well as U.S. Cellular have not yet released information on shipping dates. These carriers should however all be getting the device within a week or two of one another at the most we must assume. Have a peek at our hands-on history with the Galaxy S III below and stay tuned for more Samsung action!