AT&T Fiber 5-Gig internet launches in these locations this week

AT&T's symmetrical multi-gig fiber internet speed tiers are kicking off today in a wide variety of metro locations inside the United States, from Atlanta to two different Springfields. All told, as of today the updated fiber network is available in over 70 different towns and cities across the US (approximately 100, according to AT&T's posted list on January 24, 2022).

According to AT&T's announcement, close to 52 million customers will be able to take advantage of the improved fiber network speeds. The multi-gig nature of the network should allow for optimized connections when using multiple devices on the same network, meaning everything from streaming videos on your laptop to figuring out today's Wordle on your smartphone will be able to run about as well as it can.

The updated network also offers 2-Gig and 5-Gig symmetrical connections, which will basically provide nearly identical upload and download speeds. While this might be overkill for the average household, AT&T expects that it could be very useful for businesses – particularly with hours-long video conferencing being the norm these days.

How Much Will It Cost?

You've currently got a few options when it comes to the new AT&T Fiber tiers, which will set you back between $110 per month and $395 per month, with both tiers offering symmetrical, multi-gig speeds.

To be more specific, the 2-Gig service will cost $110 per month for the regular plan or $225 per month for the Business plan, while the 5-Gig service will cost $180 or $395, respectively. The only real difference between the two (aside from price) is that the 5-Gig service is, in AT&T's own words, "game-changing internet" with "unsurpassed speeds."

Something AT&T is calling "straightforward pricing" is also rolling out along with the updated fiber network speeds, and it's available for all AT&T Fiber customers. Going by AT&T's basic description, this doesn't appear to affect current customers, but new customers will be able to sign up with no equipment fees, no data caps, no annual contracts, and no worries of a price increase after 12 months. Oh, and an included HBO Max subscription (included in your bill, or as AT&T puts it, for "no additional cost"), for AT&T Fiber non-business customers as long as AT&T continues the offer.

If you'd like to sign up you can check availability in your area from the AT&T Fiber website, under the "2 GIG and above" option.