AT&T considering unlimited iPad 3G extension in face of stock shortages

AT&T are apparently considering extending availability of their current "unlimited" iPad data plan, to accommodate those people who would prefer the package to the carrier's new cheaper, 2GB plan but who are unable to find stocks of the iPad WiFi + 3G in time for the switchover on Monday.  According to the NYT Bits blog, an AT&T executive has confirmed that one possible solution may be to allow those who pay for a 3G iPad before 11.59pm on June 6 to eventually sign up to the unlimited tariff, even if they don't at that point have the tablet itself in their hands.

The executive declined to be named, given that the solution has not yet been decided upon, while AT&T spokespersons would only say that that the carrier is "looking into this situation and how we can accommodate these customers."  Meanwhile Apple have not responded to requests for information on when the next shipments of iPad WiFi + 3G models might be expected in, with Apple Store employees telling Bits that deliveries are sporadic and only in small quantities.

If AT&T fail to decide on a solution, most new iPad WiFi + 3G buyers will be left with no choice but the new data packages; the top package is cheaper, but it lacks the true "unlimited" data use originally billed for the iPad.  According to AT&T, 98-percent of smartphone users on their network consume under 2GB of data per month; however they have not revealed average use for iPad 3G users over their first month of ownership.