AT&T Confirms Hotspot Tethering for iPhone

The competition between AT&T and Verizon over the iPhone has already lead to a benefit for users. Yesterday we reported on an accidental leak by David Pogue in a NYT review. He spilled that AT&T's iPhone would get tethering to match Verizon's on February 13. While AT&T hasn't addressed that rumor, they did confirm that WiFi tethering was in the future.

An spokesman for the carrier would not give any details, but he did say that "we're working with Apple," to make it happen. AT&T is also giving away free microcells to increase reception. On Feb. 13, their data cap for tethering customers will expand to 4 GB. Will that be enough to stop iPhone-lovers from fleeing to Big Red?

It doesn't seem likely. The subscriber-only iPhone pre-orders set a new first day sale's record for the world's largest carrier. The next round of orders- on February 9- won't be kind to AT&T's bottom line.

[Via AppleInsider]