Pouge slips iPhone 4 on AT&T to get tethering on Feb 13

We mentioned earlier this morning that AT&T was set to finally add tethering to a series of unspecified smartphones on February 13. We can assume and hope that this unspecified devices will include Android smartphones and the iPhone. The iPhone would be a shoe in since the Verizon version has the feature.

AppleInsider reports that a reader has noted that the Verizon iPhone 4 review posted by David Pogue at the New York Times originally stated that the AT&T iPhone 4 was getting the tethering feature on the 13. The review has now been changed and it would be a safe bet to believe Pogue has some inside knowledge.

The review originally read, "... Many other app phones have it [tethering] — AT&T's iPhone gets it on Feb. 13 — but Apple's execution is especially nice. For example, the hot spot shuts itself off 90 seconds after the last laptop disconnects. That's hugely important, because these personal hot spot features are merciless battery drain."

Via Appleinsider