AT&T BlackBerry PRIV finally gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Back in April, BlackBerry, who tries really hard to always be up to date with the latest in Android, finally released an update that brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow to its one and so far only Android smartphone, the BlackBerry PRIV. That said, it also mentioned that carriers themselves will only be rolling out the update starting May 3rd. Unsurprisingly, few actually followed that schedule. Now two months later, AT&T is finally making that promise real by rolling out Marshmallow and all the goodies BlackBerry included in that update.

Android 6.0 itself is already a big thing as far as updates are concerned, with features like App Permissions and Doze Mode making their way officially to the public. And unlike Samsung, BlackBerry supports Adoptable Storage for microSD cards. But BlackBerry also went the extra mile by adding updates of its own. In particular, users will find that they can swiped to type on the touch sensitive physical keyboard. The camera was also updated to add support for slow motion capture at 120 fps, albeit without audio.

Included in this update are all Android monthly security patches all the way up to June. The July patches didn't make it to the cut due to the period needed to test it first.

Although unfortunate, it isn't exactly surprising that it took this long for AT&T to roll out its update, despite T-Mobile having done the same a month earlier. AT&T is one of the few carriers who has, unofficially, gone public about the sorry state of the PRIV in terms of sales. Perhaps it isn't as motivated to push out updates quickly, which would actually worsen customer dissatisfaction, creating a catch-22 situation.