AT&T Beats deal reportedly in the works for streaming music service launch

Craig Lloyd - Jul 8, 2013
AT&T Beats deal reportedly in the works for streaming music service launch

We already know that Beats will be launching their own streaming music service called Daisy, but details about its launch are still being speculated. It’s reported that Beats is looking to partner with AT&T for the Daisy launch in order to gain a lot of users in quick time frame, by offering AT&T customers access to the music service.

According to CNET, Jimmy Iovine (co-founder and CEO of Beats Electronics) has been in talks with top executives from major music labels as well as AT&T. Sources say that Beats is looking to bundle its streaming music service with AT&T data plans, in order to try and steal Spotify and Rdio users.

It’s said that the discussions are still in their early stages, so it’s at the point where it could quickly dissolve or it may end up to be something more as time goes on. It’s not said exactly how the service would integrate into AT&T devices, but we’re guessing that AT&T customers would have exclusive access to a free trial of the music service.

Shaking on a deal with AT&T could give Beats the huge boost it needs for its Daisy streaming music service. When it eventually launches, Daisy will be taking on the likes of Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, and even Google’s latest Google Play Music All Access service. Getting AT&T customers in on the Daisy experience could put a dent into these other services quicker than they would expect.

The company already has partnerships with several tech companies, including HTC and HP, where Beats provides audio solutions to products like computers, smartphones, and tablets. That right there could be another potential quick gain for Beats when they launch Daisy. Revisiting their current partnerships could spark an even bigger fire. Either way, CNET says that if the AT&T deal falls through, Iovine will continue on to other carriers who might be interested in a partnership.


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