AT&T ARO Application Resource Optimizer tool detailed

The folks at AT&T have detailed a set of tools that'll allow apps to run faster, use less power, and consumer bandwidth more efficiently, as they say. There are two components to this system: a data logger and an offline resource analyzer. You take a device, collect data, and transfer the data to a PC which shows the data dissected to the level you wish. This took is currently available to developers through AT&T's developer site, it already working with Pandora and Zynga, Tom Conrad and Jeff Zakrzewski of those groups speaking on the tool.

Pandora's Conrad spoke on how they were amongst the first to be using ARO, it showing them how they were using batteries too fast, them seeing with ARO how their app would be able to use resources to a much greater effect, and with much less power used. Traffic was also detailed, Pandora now able to use your data to much greater effect and with much less damaging effect on your monthly bills. Zynga's Zakzewski said similar things, them learning how their socially connected apps benefitted greatly from this tool specifically.

The open source license for ARO will be available later this year, with availability, again, starting now. Go get em, developers!