AT&T 3G MicroCell pricing explained: not just $20 unlimited calls

AT&T have come in for some criticism over the past couple of days for their femtocell pricing, having kicked off a trial of the new AT&T 3G MicroCell in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The carrier has now confirmed, however, that the much-critiqued $19.99 monthly fee being trialled is not the only way test subjects can use the 3G MicroCell; they can also use it without any extra monthly fees whatsoever.

While the $19.99 unlimited package – which offers, as you'd expect, unlimited calls using the 3G MicroCell from your AT&T cellphone – is one way of using the femtocell, AT&T are also offering it outright, at $150, with minutes used from your monthly plan.  To encourage unlimited sign-ups, they're offering a $100 rebate on the 3G MicroCell itself to subscribers, but you could feasibly buy the $150 box and simply use it without any more than your monthly subscription.  Still an expensive way to fill in gaps in AT&T's coverage, but nicer than being tied into an extra $240 each year.