ATP Launch High-Speed 4GB SDHC Card for Prosumer Cameras

Memory cards are one of the things that I don't reckon many people think about.  They look for the cheapest of the biggest they can afford, without a second glance at meaningful, confusing figures like data transfer speeds and interoperability testing.  But reviews like our own Compact Flash one last month shows that there's more to a memory card than money.

Back in that test, we looked at ATP's high-speed and rugged range, and we've just now got word that the latest in that ProMax series is a 4GB SDHC card.  It's not just a big chunk of storage; ATP have run it through the latest in cross-manufacturer and benchmark testing so that it can wear the SDHC Class 6 livery – that means it's capable of a sustained data transfer rate of 6mb/sec, and is guaranteed compatible with prosumer digital SLRs from Canon, Panasonic, Nikon and Casio.  Like the Compact Flash model SlashGear tested it's also water and extreme temperature resistant.

One thing to be warned of, however – although SDHC looks just like normal SD, it's not backward compatible, so make sure whatever you intend on using it with has the relevant SDHC logo.

The 4gb SDHC card is available now, with a MRSP of $149.99