Atom D510 and D410 CPUs get early benchmarks

Given the number of systems that you find Intel's Atom processors in these days, it's hardly surprising that expectations for the next-gen range are so high.  German site CarTFT have apparently had early access to some Atom D510 and D410 chips (the nettop versions), and have run the inevitable comparison benchmarks [pdf link] with some of the current models in the mixture too.  We're only partially surprised by the end-result: there's a small improvement over the current-gen chips, but an Atom 330 based 'board with NVIDIA's Ion still holds its own.

In terms of pure computation speed the new CPUs are a little faster, pulling even further ahead in Super PI 8M, but in more real-world tests there's less differentiation.  Windows 7 performance favors the Ion/Atom 330 pairing, as does 3DMark 03; at least the D510/D410 chips are ahead of the older processors in the latter tests.

As for power consumption, both the D510 and D410 'boards pull in 33W and 26W at peak and idle, respectively, compared to 40-45W from the Atom 330/945GC pairing.  To be fair, Pineview was never going to offer a quantum leap in performance or frugality – after all, it might bite into Intel's more mainstream range – but it goes to show that the latest CPU isn't as important as the CPU/chipset/graphics combination.

[via SemiAccurate]