Atom CPU overclocked to 2.385GHz with liquid nitrogen

Netbook mods to date have been impressive enough.  Touchscreens, integrated GPS and Bluetooth, even full slate Tablet PC setups, we've seen them all.  Team Australia have gone a little further with their MSI Wind, though: taking advantage of the official MSI bios overclocking tool and a plentiful supply of liquid nitrogen, they've overclocked the Wind's 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor to 2.385GHz.

A basic Wind U100 donated its mainboard, and that was modified with a jury-rigged liquid nitrogen pot, some new thermal grease and 2GB of Kingston DDR2 667Mhz RAM.  MSI's own software did the rest, driving the processor up to a 12x multiplier.

Of course, while technically impressive, the bench setup isn't exactly conducive to throwing into your netbook bag and taking down to the nearest Starbucks.  Next up is some improved mounting of the nitrogen flash to the CPU.

[Thanks Alex!]