ATI Radeon HD 5830 testing problems delaying launch?

The video card competition is hotting up right now, and the last thing a company wants is unexpected problems with their new product.  Unfortunately, according to the industry mutterings DigiTimes are hearing, AMD are experiencing "a last minute issue" with their ATI Radeon HD 5830-based reference boards, and have decided to recall the affected boards for further testing.

The issue is apparently a circuit design problem that's causing software stacks to throw up error messages, though AMD for their part are saying that the HD 5830 tech is undergoing the regular batch of testing any graphics chipset would go through.  They declined to comment on the recall rumors, but insisted that no AMD GPU on the market was affected by any problems.  Still, video card manufacturers are estimating that AMD will now only reach the market until February at the earliest, whereas they were apparently intended to launch at the beginning of this week.