Atheer One smart glasses connect to Android smartphones and support 3D content

Google started the smart glasses wave with Google Glass. Those glasses are in the hands of a few developers and end users around the country and have proven to be interesting devices. The downside to Google Glass is that the wearable computing product is not what most of us would consider affordable.

A product is on crowd sourced funding site Indiegogo called the Atheer One from Atheer Labs. The Atheer One is a set of glasses that the user wears that supports gesture interaction. The Indiegogo campaign for the Atheer One has two products including the Atheer Dev Kit and the Atheer One.

The dev kit will ship in early 2014, assuming no issues are run into during production. The Atheer One will ship in late 2014. The glasses are an accessory for an Android phone and are connected through a micro-USB port. The glasses show an image that looks like a 26-inch HD screen from 50cm away. They also support 3D content with see through 3D stereo displays. The Atheer Dev kit has a pair of 5MP stereo cameras while the Atheer One will have 8MP stereo cameras.

The images you see can be controlled in the air via gestures and since the Android phone controls the show, all Android apps will work with the glasses. The lenses are see through allowing the virtual display to be overlaid on the world around you. The dev kit features a Snapdragon processor, HDMI, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The dev kit has a slightly smaller display that looks like a 15-inch screen from 50cm away from your face. The Atheer One is currently available on the Indiegogo page for pre-order for $500. The Dev kit version starts at $1000. The project was seeking $100,000 and has raised $123,718 with 19 days to go.

SOURCE: Indiegogo