Atari founder's uWink bar opens with MultiTouch menu

In a curious slap of coincidence, just as Vincent is spending some time pawing at Microsoft's Surface, the Hollywood & Highland uWink bar has opened its doors for the first time.  Owned by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, the centerpiece of the drinking hole has to be its long, MultiTouch iBar.  Similar to the setup at the Rio iBar, only stretching far further than Surface's display, it lets users browse drinks & food or play games such as Pong.

Individual tables are fitted with touchscreen interfaces too, so you can still customize your cocktail no matter where you sit or, alternatively, play games against someone sitting elsewhere.  The picture above shows a light show interacting with a glass on the bar, as Microsoft's Surface can do.

No word on the technical details, but the system appears to work well if punishing your liver (and wallet) is prime concern!  The uWink bar is open now; more information here

Video via Rich DeMuro

[thanks Kieran!]