MultiTouch Surface helps Vegas drinkers flirt with their fingers

Now I can understand why you might be confused, but these happy looking ladies haven't started drinking in their local AT&T store.  Actually, Microsoft have agreed to put their Surface MultiTouch touchscreen table in the Rio iBar, offering up a variety of customized games and "flirting" apps that can be controlled by many prodding, drunken fingers.Check out the demo video after the cut

The 30-inch display will show video tours of other Vegas venues operated by iBar owner Harrah's Entertainment, a virtual walk down the Las Vegas strip, and a custom cocktail system that lets users mix their own drinks and then order them remotely or send them to other people in the bar.  Slightly more obvious is the flirting app, which takes away the old fear of being drunkenly rejected face-to-face by replacing it with in-bar instant messaging and webcamming.

A number of MultiTouch games are also on offer, including pinball and bowling.  The first Microsoft Surfaces appeared in the iBar yesterday, with Harrah's planning further venues later in the year.