Atari E.T. Xbox documentary to premiere on November 20th

Atari: Game Over is a documentary that's part of a gaming series that'll be coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 this fall. We'd heard about it before – we've even seen photos of the digging up of the E.T. site in the desert. But now we get to see it up close and personal. This documentary will show "the untold story of the 80's tech giant and its fateful launch of E.T., the video game." Until now this documentary did not have a launch date – surprise! Now it does.

Alamogordo, New Mexico is the place, and the dig is what happened. They're going to make a massive deal about it. It's going to be very, very dramatic. E.T. for Atari. Brutal, unfair, and less than acceptable for the industry, even back in the 80s.

ATARI was the boss. ATARI wanted to create the game for one of the biggest movies in the history of the world.

The game was horrible.

The game tanked, and ATARI took a dive.

They took the games they did not sell and dumped them in to the desert into a hole. This is the digging.

You'll be able to see it on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 20th of November, 2014. Be there – or watch it later. Epic event!