AT&T has 15:1 iPhone to Android users; will Verizon iPhone eat DROIDs?

With rumors suggesting that the Verizon iPhone is just hours away from getting official – don't forget to join us at the SlashGear liveblog! - a new batch of stats suggests that iOS could well dominate Verizon's smartphone line-up if sales patterns follow those at AT&T. Market intelligence firm asymco crunched the numbers and found that iPhone users outnumber Android users on AT&T 15 to 1; meanwhile, AT&T has twice as many iOS users as Verizon has Android users.

The figures are based on comScore and Silicon Alley Insider stats, and have led to predictions from the company that Android growth on Verizon may well flatline or even drop when an iOS device becomes available on the network. Still to be seen is whether Verizon adds new subscribers – either switching from AT&T in search of better coverage, or new to the iPhone altogether – or eats into its existing Android or BlackBerry userbase.

Still, while AT&T may have launched an impressive Android range at CES 2011 last week, the carrier's Android options have historically been underwhelming. In contrast Verizon has offered a relatively strong Android portfolio; one which eclipsed T-Mobile's within four months.