At least three new Dune games are on the way

Dune fans have plenty of reason to be excited for the future. Not only is there a new film adaptation of the novel coming next year, but now we've learned that there are at least three video games on the way as well. Details are still pretty slim at this early stage, but regardless, the news that there are three video games in development is probably very exciting for Dune fans.

After all, it's been 17 years since the last Dune video game, so these new titles are a long time coming. Funcom will be heading up development on all of these games, having signed a six-year agreement with Legendary Pictures to deliver "at least" three titles on PC and consoles.

Funcom announced the partnership with Legendary Pictures in a short update on its investors website. The company says that one of these games will be an "open world multiplayer" title that will enter pre-production at some point this year. Beyond that, though, Funcom offered no details on its plans for these games.

Funcom has delivered a lot of games throughout the years, including The Secret World and The Longest Journey series, but perhaps its most recent well-known title is Conan Exiles. It stands to reason that its open world multiplayer Dune game will borrow at least a few things from Conan Exiles, as that particular type of multiplayer survival game has become very popular over the last few years.

It's also likely that some (or all) of these Dune titles will be made with next-generation consoles in mind. With recent rumors pointing to 2020 release dates for both the next Xbox and the next PlayStation, this six-year deal will likely stretch well into the next console generation. Though we don't expect to hear anything more about these games for a while, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more nonetheless.