ASUS Windows RT tablets no more, company calls it quits

We've known for a while now that Microsoft has had a hard time selling Windows RT tablets and ASUS has expressed in the past that they weren't to happy about that, and it seems they've had enough. The company has confirmed that it will no longer manufacture tablets running Microsoft's Windows RT operating system.According to the Wall Street Journal, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen mentioned the reasons behind the drop of Windows RT, mentioning that the lack of backward compatibility with Intel chips was a big concern. Shen also mention that the "industry sentiment is...that Windows RT has not been successful." However, he didn't mention a lack of sales being a reason for the backout, although that's also probably the case. Acer also recently called Windows RT as not "influential," proving that there's a general consensus that Windows RT just doesn't do it for a lot of tablet makers.

From now on, ASUS will only make Windows 8 devices that run on Intel processors, due to the backwards compatibility that's offered with Windows software. Shen says that the company also took a writedown on its Windows RT tablets in the second quarter, but he didn't provide a specific figure.

Microsoft released Microsoft RT tablets in October of last year to lackluster interest, especially after the company announced shortly after that users would be able to buy a Surface Pro and full Windows 8 devices in just a few months, making pretty much everyone just wait to buy the better product, leaving Windows RT in the dust.