ASUS Vistagami units reach reviewers

Chris Davies - Mar 21, 2007

That James Kendrick is a lucky swine.  I’m not sure which ASUS executive he had to bribe/seduce in order to manage it, but he’s got his hands on one of the first R2H UMPCs running Windows Vista Ultimate.  It’s no slouch, apparently, zipping along like a sugar-charged toddler with 1GB of RAM, and he’s already had time to be impressed by the new Origami Experience preloaded.

ASUS R2H next to Fujitsu P1610

In case you’re wondering, that’s the R2H next to a Fujitsu P1610.  The latter has a fingerprint sensor like the ASUS, but not the in-built GPS or webcam.

If you want to sate us, JK, and assuage my envy, you’d better do a video review!

ASUS R2H arrives in Mobile Tech Manor[jkontherun]

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