ASUS UFOTO UF735 photo viewer works as second monitor

Usually we're scathing of any digital photo frame that lacks some sort of wireless connectivity here at SlashGear, but ASUS have just sneaked in under the radar thanks to a handy secondary feature on their latest display.  Ostensibly a normal 7-inch photo viewer, the UFOTO UF735 has an 800 x 480 display, 128MB of internal storage and the usual bevy of CF/SD/MMC/MS/xD card readers and USB flash drive compatibility.  What stands out, though, is the ability to plug the display into a PC, via USB, and use it as a standalone sub-screen.

The UF735 can be set to duplicate your main screen (not quite sure why you'd want to do that, though), display pre-selected items (such as a calendar and alarms) or simply show up as an extended screen to which windows can be dragged.  That way you could have messenger alerts, RSS and other widgets safely corralled away from your normal work.  Now we just need ASUS to give it WiFi, so it can be a remote external display.

Available in silver, pink or blue, the UFOTO UF735 has a built-in rechargeable battery for standalone use, stereo speakers and an earphone jack.  It's compatible with JPEG, BMP and GIF images and MP3 audio files, and can be set to display automatic slideshows based on photo date and other factors.  No availability or pricing information as yet.

Press Release:

Taipei, Taiwan, May 30, 2008 – In a marked shift from the analog to digital, many users utilize digital photo frames to showcase their loved ones or memorable events. ASUS recently launched a 7" digital photo frame, the ASUS UFOTO UF735, which not only displays your favorite digital photos with music accompaniment, but also doubles as a mini monitor on your desk to show information updates such as messenger windows, gadget information, picture viewer etc. Incorporated with a unique and exquisite design, the ASUS UFOTO UF735 truly deserves the accolade of winning the 2008 RedDot product design award in terms of innovation, functionality and product quality.

A Digital Album Comes with Excellent Display Performance

The UFOTO UF735 is embedded with a 7-inch high-resolution digital LCD panel to display brilliant photos. It is designed with an exquisite metal frame, lighting effects, symmetrical and intuitive control buttons that are easy to use for functional settings. Users can place their favorite digital photos and music into the UFOTO UF735 via memory cards, USB flash or syncing with the computer. They can also combine them seamlessly into a photo slideshow together with abundant transition effects for that perfect "storybook" feeling. With ASUS' innovative intelligent color enhancement – Foto-in-motion Technology, 5 modes can be selected according to users' preferences to showcase different photo display effects on the UFOTO UF735.

As a Sub-display of Your Monitor

What's more, the ASUS UFOTO UF735 has an exclusive "sub-display" function – allowing users an option to utilize it as a secondary display. This enables users to work unabatedly on the main monitor; while still receiving updates like messenger windows, gadget information, picture viewer etc. on the UFOTO UF735. It also offers three modes of capturing screen information; for example, you can drag and drop whatever forms from the main display of your PC or laptop to the UFOTO in an extended mode. It also provides users a convenient calendar and alarm – all providing great multitasking capabilities.

Additionally, there are more innovations that can be found in this digital photo frame. One such innovation is the reminiscence function – which allows users to search photos easily in the UFOTO UF735 according to a specific date. Also, with a rotatable stand for vertical, horizontal or wall-mount placement, users can easily place the UFOTO UF735 almost anywhere at home. It even incorporates an auto-rotation sensor which enables photo display for landscape or portrait positions; while the AI Light sensor intelligently adjusts the LCD backlight to achieve the best ambience brightness. All these features come together to provide users with the most comfortable viewing experience.