ASUS touchscreen AIO teased with iMac-besting style promise [Updated]

Oh, those ASUS teases. Giddy with the curiosity inspired by their Computex tablet crop-shots yesterday, the company has shared a sliver of a new all-in-one touchscreen PC which ASUS reckons is good enough to take on Apple's iMac in the style stakes.

Specifications are unknown at this stage, bar the fact that the AIO has a multitouch-capable display and "comes in a size the whole family can share." That makes us think 24-inches or bigger, though ASUS would be wise to target the 27-inch mark if it really wants to take on the iMac properly.

Interestingly, the company also links to reports of the iMac's hard-drive being tricky to replace, which seems to suggest that ASUS has also given some thought to making user upgrades more straightforward. We won't know for sure until Computex 2011 and the ASUS press conference on May 30, but until then let us know what might make you consider an ASUS AIO in the comments.

Update: Turns out ASUS isn't necessarily bringing along new hardware. NotebookItalia reminded us that the company had already shown the ET2700 at CeBIT earlier this year, a 27-inch AIO with multitouch and an easy-access rear panel design: