ASUS push Eee PC T101 launch back: September "at earliest"

ASUS have apparently pushed back the launch of their second touchscreen netbook, the Eee PC T101, according to the latest whisperings from the industry.  Originally set to be released in June 2009, the T101 – which has a 10-inch touchscreen display, and is the larger sibling to the T91 - will now arrive in September at the earliest.

However, ASUS are also using the sales success of the T91 as a thermometer for touchscreen netbook demand, with the company poised to further delay the T101 should T91 sales fail to meet expectations.  The company is also tipped to be considering cutting T101 production or axing it altogether.

Of course, basing upcoming product launches on existing, similar devices is nothing new, and it's unlikely that ASUS would entirely can the T101.  Initial reception of the T91 was reasonable, though one of the common complaints was the scale of the display; that's obviously something the  T101 will address.  Full specs of the ASUS Eee PC T101 here.

[Image via GottaBeMobile]