ASUS get overwhelmingly serious with Blitz Extreme gaming motherboard

Are you a hardcore gamer?  Are you kept awake at night worrying about how your graphics data might be colliding with other data rushing through your PCIe channels?  Well, you could either go see your doctor and be prescribed some serious strength sleeping tablets, or you could bite the bullet and invest in ASUS' latest gaming motherboard, the Blitz Extreme.


This thing has more buzzwords, tech-lingo and whizz-bang functionality that if I tried to mention it all here I'd probably get motion sickness.  To stop the aforementioned graphics jam there's a completely separate PCIe controller with dual x8 lanes to prioritise your framerates.  Then there's a hybrid thermal heat-pipe cooling system that can be hooked up to traditional water cooling to stop everything from getting toasty.  Oh, and since you're likely to be overclocking, you minx, there're all manner of load balancers, voltage metering (using a tachometer-like LED display) and what they're calling "AI NOS", a ridiculous name for a system that pushes the CPU even further when it notices you're running something particularly demanding.


Then, of course, there are the added extras and goodies.  Clockwise from top left, we've got an LED sub-display that lets you check error messages from the comfort of sitting upright in your chair, a jumper-block which lets you quickly plug-in and unplug all the fiddly LED and button connections, an illuminated overclocking switch that can instantly reset a number of jumpers to your own preferred settings, and a HD 3D audio soundcard.

I'm honestly just brushing the surface of this thing – how about illuminated rear panel connections for under-desk fiddling, or dual-RAID, or eSATA, or dual gigabit ethernet?  It works with Intel processors up to and including quad-core LGA775.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go and have a lie-down.

ASUS Product Page [via PCLaunches]