ASUS Eee Stick Wiimote-alikes hit FCC

Someone at ASUS has obviously decided that there's a market for Wiimote-like peripherals, since a filing for the Eee Stick wireless gesture-based controllers has just shown up at the FCC.  According to the report, two Sticks will be supplied – one with a D-pad and the other with an analogue controller – together with a USB dongle using an unnamed 2.4GHz wireless connection.

There'll also be a couple of wrist-straps to avoid any screen collisions, though assuming you're meant to use the Eee Sticks with your Eee PC that's a much smaller target to aim for than with your plasma and Wiimote!  Of course, the user manual is singularly unhelpful beyond the basics of turning the Sticks on and pairing them with the dongle; no suggestion of what exactly ASUS have in mind.

Gaming seems the obvious answer, given the Wii's focus.  However the Eee notebooks are a little underpowered for the latest titles. 

[via Engadget]