ASUS Eee PC T91 gets internal 3G hack [Video]

ASUS always promised us a third version of their Eee PC T91 convertible touchscreen netbook – a 3G/GPS model to go alongside the regular and multitouch versions – but so far its proved scarce from store shelves.  Arch netbook modder jkkmobile couldn't stand the wait, and so he decided to hack his T91 to add an internal 3G modem.Video demo after the cut

Now, as we've seen before, internal 3G hacks can be as straightforward as squeezing in a stripped-down USB dongle, or as complex as soldering things to the mainboard.  Unfortunately this particular T91 modification falls resolutely into the latter category, demanding you scratch away some contacts and solder in a SIM card reader, a PCI Express socket and a power cable.

If you're brave enough to attempt it, then you'll hopefully end up with an internal card slot that can use any 3G/4G PCI Express modem to get you online while on the move.  Of course, most people would probably find it easier to pick up a MiFi, but that's nowhere near as geekily-impressive.