ASUS confirm three T91 models: base, multitouch and 3G/GPS/TV

ASUS have confirmed that they will be offering three versions of their touchscreen netbook, the long-awaited Eee PC T91.  According to AsusTablet's source, the company plan the basic T91 with a single-touch screen, together with a multitouch-capable T91A and 3G-enabled T91GO.

In fact the T91GO will not only include integrated 3G, but add GPS and a digital TV tuner, all features listed as optional on the official T91 page.  It will weigh around 0.06kg more than the regular T91, as a result of the added hardware.

Meanwhile, the ASUS Eee PC T91A will apparently ship with Windows 7 and take advantage of its multitouch functionality via a resistive touchscreen.  This version was demonstrated in June at Computex, and will otherwise have the same Intel Atom N520 1.33GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and dual 16GB SSD and 16GB included SD card as the other models.  It's unclear at this stage whether ASUS will offer the T91A in a 3G/GPS/TV version.