ASUS Eee PC 701 gets Multitouch Windows 7 mod

Lurking in a corner of CeBIT was this modified ASUS Eee PC 701, which had been given the multitouch touchscreen treatment.  Now we've seen touchscreen hacks for ASUS' smallest Eee PC before, but this is the first time its responded to more than one finger at a time.Video demo after the cut

Details of the touchscreen itself are scant.  According to it's a prototype and not yet available to buy, but it's unclear whether ASUS themselves made it or it's a third-party company looking to sell touchscreen layers.

You may have also spotted that the netbook is running Windows 7, rather than XP or Linux.  That OS' native multitouch support likely makes it far easier to get the panel up and running.

[via Nowhereelse]