ASUS Eee Note sub-$200 when it hits US imminently

ASUS has confirmed US pricing for the Eee Note EA800 digital note-taking tablet, and if the active stylus input of the HTC Flyer appealed (but the considerable price tag doesn't) then the Eee Pad could make for a very affordable – albeit monochrome – alternative. Tipped to be "coming soon," the EA800 will be under $200 in the US, despite packing WiFi b/g, a 2-megapixel camera and a battery good for up to 13.5hrs runtime.

The lengthy battery life – ASUS also reckons up to 10 days of standby – is because the EA800 uses a non-backlit 8-inch LCD screen. That allows it to respond more quickly than an E Ink panel, but use dramatically less power than a regular color, backlit LCD. Inside is 4GB of storage (along with a speaker and headphone jack) and a microSD card slot.

The active Wacom stylus can differentiate between 256 levels of pressure for more accurate note-taking and sketching, and ASUS is firmly convinced that the Eee Note will vanquish paper notebooks from the bags of students and professionals alike. At under $200, it's certainly a whole lot cheaper than most tablets out there.

[via The Digital Reader