ASUS Eee Note EA800 gets video unboxing; user-guide goes live

ASUS' Eee Note EA800 note-taking tablet is a curious device, opting for monochrome LCD instead of the usual frugal E Ink display, and positioned by the company as a resolutely niche, companion device rather than a converged do-anything slate. NetbookNews have snagged one of the first, managed to get ASUS to re-flash it with English firmware rather than Chinese, and then wasted no time before unboxing and demonstrating it on video.Video after the cut

They're surprisingly enthusiastic about the EA800, too, with the 8-inch slate running quickly on its Marvell CPU. Whether students and other note-takers will find it quite so appealing remains to be seen, of course.

Meanwhile, ASUS has put up the user manual for the Eee Note EA800 [PDF link], along with the guides for the DR900 Eee Reader [PDF link] and TZ900 Eee Reader [PDF link]. A US debut for the EA800 is expected sometime in Q1 2011.

[ASUS manuals via]