ASUS Eee Keyboard coming April 2010 says Jonney Shih

You get the feeling that the ASUS Eee Keyboard has become something of a millstone around the company's neck, a constant reminder of CES 2009 and promises they haven't, so far, been able to keep.  We've heard more promised release dates than we've had tepid dinners, but at CeBIT 2010 ASUS chairman Jonney Shih has given us another one: he reckons the Eee Keyboard will ship in April 2010.

The innovative nettop integrates an Atom-based PC into a keyboard chassis, along with a 5-inch touchscreen that can be used to display widgets, a numeric keypad or remotely navigate an on-screen cursor.  Last we heard it would be priced somewhere between $499 and $599, and have options including wireless HDMI and various amounts of SSD storage.  We're not holding our breath, but roll on April.