ASUS demo MultiTouch dual-screen notebook and new Slate Tablet

Not much information on this, yet, but according to early reports this is a dual-touchscreen notebook prototype from ASUS.  Buried in among the Eees and projector-sporting laptops at Computex 2008, the device uses two MultiTouch-capable LCD panels, with the lower display used for a QWERTY keyboard and touchpad.  The concept is similar, in fact, to OLPC's XO-2.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like ASUS are actually planning a specific commercial version based on this prototype.  Instead, it's more an exercise in style and input.  The company also showed a MultiTouch touchscreen slate, shown below, with a new GUI that ASUS claim is particularly intuitive. 

For instance, when a DVD is loaded into the slot-load drive, the UI dynamically changes to offer clear access to DVD-related tasks (such as playing, ripping or cataloguing).  Again, this is sadly just a prototype, but we could see developments from the GUI research being fed into the upcoming touchscreen ASUS Eee.